Different Types of Slot Games

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Since slots are the most-played casino games ever, it is no surprise that game developers spend considerable time coming up with new versions every few months. The one place where we have seen a tremendous increase in different types of slots is in online casinos. These days, both professional and novice players can log in to an online casino and play slots to their heart’s content, winning money while relaxing in their homes. 

However, before taking the step of joining a casino, it is essential to pick the best one for yourself. To do that, you need to check where they are licensed. While many people prefer casinos legalised in the UK, some love the advantages that come with casinos not available in the UK. In the latter case, the bonuses are more often than not higher, and the casinos have lesser restrictions in terms of what they offer customers. Now, no matter the casino you choose, make sure they carry these different types of slot games. 

Fruit Machines

The classic version of slots is still quite popular on online casinos, especially with beginners who want to take things slow. The three or five-reel games do come with basic graphics and sounds, but the overall playing experience is without any razzmatazz. Great for when you are feeling nostalgic, fruit machines are particularly ideal for playing slots on a mobile device. 

fruity slot machine

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots work on the concept of having one giant jackpot that anyone playing around the world can win. Every time a player makes a spin, a part of their bet is put into the pot, which eventually reaches millions. When we look at some of the biggest wins in online games, they have all been via progressive slots. Gamblers should remember that the jackpot is not the only win they can get in a progressive slot, as there are plenty of smaller rewards too. Moreover, while progressive slots do have a low return to player percentage, the winnings are life-changing and thus worth the gamble.   

Themed Slots

Themed slots are among the main reasons why there are so many adults wanting to play on online casinos. A themed slot plays like a regular game, except that it incorporates a movie, music, celebrity, or other well-known concepts into the gameplay. Multiple pay lines, wild and scatter cards are standard, but in this case, they come with enhanced graphics, actual songs, and a lot of entertaining fun. Themed slots are perfect for people who like to enjoy a more wholesome and interactive experience.   

Roulette and Poker Slots

Not exactly slots in the purest of forms, but a roulette or poker video slot gives players the best of both worlds. In poker, the game is typically the classic 5-draw where the computer acts like the dealer. A roulette slot lets the gambler make a bet just like in the live version of the game, and then on the tap of the spin button, the wheel rotates. Customers can also put the game in auto-mode, especially if they want to keep playing the same bet again and again.