How Do Slot Developers Come Up with Ideas?

There are probably more than 10,000 different slot games floating about the internet. Some are simple and include basic three- or five-reel game-play. Others are more intricate and encompass a wider range of abilities – such as the Castle Builder slot that has elements of gamification added. But all slot games have one thing in common: they attract players. The bottom line for creating a slot is that it must be entertaining and entice people to play it, especially with so much competition. So, how exactly do games developers come up with different themes for new slot games?


Taking inspiration from history gives a lot of scope to games designers. Not only do periods of history – the Wild West, the 1930s, Ancient Egypt – immediately evoke images from the time, but they provide a shorthand to customers that they know what they are getting with the game.

Sky City Casino shows this with their Battle Royal slot game, which is themed around characters that look a lot like Henry VIII and his many wives. Most people know what to expect with the theme, yet the broadness of it allows developers to use artistic licence. Usually, the historical themes are also rife with excitement and tension – which translates well to how playing the slot game is supposed to make players feel.    


Another way developers create playable slot games is by tying them into things that are currently popular. For instance, throughout its decade run, the Marvel franchise often had an accompanying slot game. This makes sense given how much of a behemoth the franchise had become. There are countless Batman variations, which gain popularity whenever a new film or announcement is made.

Using franchises to base games around is a good strategy as the franchises have an existing audience of people interested in them. So, someone wanting to embrace the world of their favourite franchise may stumble upon the slot game to extend their involvement in the universe of the franchise. The franchises used for these slot games can be varied – from Vikings the TV show to Deal or No Deal and the film Bridesmaids. Each franchise will appeal to a different audience.


Many slot games are themed around something fantastical. These can be games that imagine what life is like in outer space – from aliens and life on another planet to what you might encounter in an asteroid belt – or games that take you to the deepest depths of the ocean. Fantasy has proven itself popular in other spheres of gaming and pop culture.

Game of Thrones did so well because of its fantasy elements of dragons, while League of Legends and Fortnite are some of the most-played games. Indeed, the success of Thrones led to a rise in fantasy’s popularity. Theming slots around fantasy elements taps into the zeitgeist and allows the developers to show off their creativity. Taking a broad fantasy theme and giving a unique spin to it entices players and adds a deeper level to just playing the game.   

Designing slot games is similar to designing video games in that their themes have to resonate with players. Whether these themes come from history, from the realms of fantasy, or from an existing franchise, developers are savvy in deciding what they put in front of eager players.