What are UK Online Casinos Doing to Set Themselves from Competitors?

Online casinos operating in the UK market that are fully licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission employ several innovative marketing strategies to try and stay one step ahead of their rivals in a saturated market.

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Let’s dive straight in to discover exactly what little above-board tricks some of the most successful iGaming operators in the United Kingdom are currently using to set themselves apart from their competition. 

Are UK online casinos the best in the world?

The United Kingdom is well-known for having the world’s most mature legal frameworks in place to regulate the iGaming industry. The UK Gambling Commission has the best practices and policies to protect all those involved (from the players to the operators) and has the most advanced social responsibility codes.

In fact, many other major global jurisdictions with a developed iGaming industry often emulate their licensing and regulatory frameworks on how it’s done in the UK. The Gambling Commission is known as a top-tier licensing authority (the best you can get). 

It carries out more rigorous checks over its licensees than any other authority and has a strict vetting process before issuing any operators with a license to open a gambling site in the UK (whether that company is based in the UK or abroad. 

The UKGC has robust systems in place to protect players, and their licensees must actively promote responsible gambling by providing a variety of safer gambling tools for players. They must also use reliable and effective tools to prevent money laundering and other fraudulent activities from occurring. 

For example, by law, all UK operators must comply with age verification laws by imposing the KYC (Know Your Customer) verification process to prevent underage gambling.

How do UK online casino operators stay one step ahead of their rivals?

Today, there are over 170 UK-licensed online casinos to choose from if you live in England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland, so choosing the right one can sometimes prove challenging, especially for new players who want to try an online casino for the first time. 

The growing competition in the UK means that each online casino operator must employ various innovative marketing tactics to stand out from its competition. From a player’s perspective, it means there has never been a better time than now to play at online casinos.

Here are some of the main techniques that operators of today’s best casino sites that accept UK players commonly use to try to differentiate themselves from their rivals:

  • By improving their online casino bonuses with more realistic wagering requirements and offering tailored bonuses and promotions aimed at individuals rather than generic bonuses
  • By having bigger gaming catalogues and exclusive titles that can’t be found anywhere else (sometimes for a limited time only) and only having games from market-leading, multi-award-winning software providers and game development studios
  • By adding a more diverse range of live dealer games from not just one company but several
  • By optimising all of their games, products, services, and features across all devices (e.g., smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers) and web browsers so no one is left out
  • By improving customer service skills and making the professionally trained player support agents quicker to respond, more friendly, and easier to access 24/7
  • By accepting a broader range of reliable and globally renowned online payment methods for safer and quicker deposits and withdrawals
  • By modernising their websites with more intuitive and user-friendly designs and layouts
  • By introducing sports betting services if they haven’t already

Today, many online casino operators invest heavily in AI-powered tools to make the online casino experience more personal and tailor promotional offers and casino bonuses to individuals

Artificial intelligence systems and tools collect vast amounts of data on each player and analyse their patterns in behaviour from the moment they log in to their account until the moment they log out. 

Using AI tools in this way can help casino operators suggest more relevant games based on their gaming history preferences, and it can help offer bonuses that players are more likely to enjoy. 

What to remember when playing at today’s best UK online casinos

Remember to set a reasonable budget before you deposit when signing up to any highly recommended UK online casino to play your favourite games in the real money mode. 

UK online casinos have numerous safer gambling tools that can help you stay in much better control of your bankroll. For example, it’s now possible to use a range of tools, such as session time limits/reminders, deposit limits, and win/loss limits, to name a few. 

You must be at least 18 years old to sign up to a UK online casino, and before you can play any games, you must first open a new account, which usually only takes around a minute or so to do.