What Perks Does a Brand New Casino Offer to Players?

If you are familiar with online casinos like me, then you should also be familiar with one of the biggest perks that users receive as soon as they register a new account. It’s called the welcome bonus, which some people refer to as a sign-up bonus.

It usually arrives in the form of a matching deposit bonus or several free spins to try out selected online fruit machines on that site.

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Most people stick to the older, more well-established online casinos that have been around for many years and will avoid playing at the newer sites because they don’t know much about them.

However, some users like me who are always looking for a change of scenery and for the latest new users welcome bonus love the new sites that keep popping up. I’ve found that most of them offer fantastic bonuses to new users.

The question is, apart from the initial sign-up bonus, what other perks do brand-new online gambling sites offer users?

What perks can users look forward to on the newest sites?

Trusted operators opening new sites tend to take what has worked for the market-leading operators who control the most successful sites, incorporate those ideas into their business model, make them even better, and leave out all the bad bits to make their sites better than the rest.

Well, that’s what I’ve noticed, anyway.

I’ve also found that although the bonuses seem to be fairly identical to the ones currently up for grabs on the much older sites that have been around for five to ten years or longer, the wagering requirements attached to the bonuses on newer sites are usually much lower.

In other words, operators who have just launched a new site don’t want to annoy their newly registered members with steep wagering requirements that are impossible to complete (e.g., 60x, 70x, or higher), and will offer new users wager-free bonuses or with low wagering requirements worth anywhere from just 1x to 20x, which I think is fantastic.

Bonuses like this certainly get my attention. The most recently launched sites basically try to do everything right from the get-go.

Also, many of the best new sites tend to be multi-jurisdictional.

I’ve found that they are fully licensed and regulated by many of the industry’s mid to top-tier licensing authorities, and they will cater to users in multiple regions with hardly any geo-location restrictions that prevent users from signing up because they are legally permitted to operate in those regions.

What other perks do the newest sites offer?

They often have exclusive early access to the latest online fruit machines before any other sites because they strike up deals with the software providers that make them. They tend to have fewer rubbish games, more hit titles, and more frequent new releases (almost daily), meaning I always have something new to look forward to.

They also have more rewarding loyalty programs that are actually worth becoming part of.

Some operators make it so different to climb up through the different levels of loyalty, and most users are lucky if they ever get to convert the loyalty points they have made into real money before they expire.

I find it much easier and quicker to earn loyalty points and get rewarded for my play on the newer sites compared to the older sites because I know how important my business is to them. They seem to offer more lucrative bonuses and run many other prize-packed promotional offers throughout the month.

In other words, I find that there’s always something worth signing in to my new account for, even if it’s just to see the latest bonuses and promotions and the newest arrivals in the Megaways fruit machine section.

The other perks I’ve found at the newest sites are things like top-notch support available 24/7 that’s easy to get in touch with (which I consider a huge perk), higher deposit and withdrawal limits, quicker transaction processing times (on deposits AND withdrawals), and more modern intuitive websites.

To sum up, the main perks I have stumbled across at many of the newer sites I have joined in the past couple of years are the following:

  • Bigger and better bonuses with lower (sometimes ZERO) wagering requirements
  • A smoother and quicker sign-up process
  • Even more fiat currencies and traditional online payment methods are accepted (cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology deposits and withdrawals are also now commonly accepted on the newest sites)
  • Thousands more games from even more providers (computer-generated and live dealers)
  • Bigger jackpots
  • Modern websites that are much easier to navigate
  • More reliable user support that’s much easier to get in touch with
  • Better loyalty rewards programs
  • Higher levels of encryption, which enhances account security
  • Excellent mobile apps
  • Safer gambling tools
  • The products, services, and features have been fully optimised to work on almost every web browser and device

I still play at the older sites that I joined many years ago, but I also like to try out the occasional new site just to take advantage of all these perks. I’ve found that players like me are becoming savvier and know what to look for in a good site. I also feel that the operators know this, which is why they seem to get it right and is why they are so popular.

The last piece of advice I mustn’t forget to mention is to gamble responsibly by using as many safer gambling tools as possible. The newer sites, especially those licensed by some of the industry’s most notable licensing authorities and commissions, have a range of tools available.

The easiest way for me to remain within my budget is to set deposit limits. However, you might prefer to set session time reminders or win/loss limits. The important thing is to remember to set your limits.

It keeps things fun and means you will never spend more than you can afford, whether you play at a newer site that’s less than a year old or a much older site that has been around for years.